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Our story

In 2015 we opened our doors at the beautiful corner of Ebertplatz in Konstanz-Petershausen, directly on the Seerhein. Since then, we have been looking forward to beautiful and exciting encounters with our regular guests and a diverse audience every day.

We believe that good food takes time, love and care - that's why we put it all into the preparation. At the same time we know that your time is often limited, therefore we give our best to serve you as fast as possible.


Our dishes are not only suitable for vegans but for everyone who wants to discover delicious plant-based cuisine. We want to show that eating vegan is not only healthy and sustainable, but can be really tasty at the same time. You can get our coffee specialties animal-friendly with a selection of plant-based drinks or alternatively with organic cow's milk.


We use locally sourced ingredients to ensure our dishes are fresh and of the highest quality, using only the finest ingredients. Bread and rolls, for example, come from the organic bakery Reginbrot, the coffee from the coffee roastery in Konstanz. You can find our organic ingredients on the menu. We will be happy to give you more detailed information here in the Sol. 

It is particularly important to us to make our high-quality food accessible to a large number of people. That's why we want to offer it at a fair price that's as inexpensive as possible. In order to make this possible, we consciously rely on your help with our self-service concept.

All food and drinks are also available for take out optionally in the reusable system or in the most sustainable bio-based packaging possible. 

We are looking forward to your visit!

Sol Ebertplatz

Who we work with

Reichenau Bio
Bodensee truffles
Fritz Kola
Ruppaner Brewery
Riegel Biowein
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